TS1 for TV175

Riding an orignal TV175 is pretty cool. For a while. After I’ve been the slowest on rides for a year now I’ve had it! Let’s get a nice TS1 in that bike!

So I still had this MBD TS1 set up in Munich, a 115mm rod, Wiseco piston, standard unmodified TS1 barrel. So why not one of these reduced timing bikes with a nice clubman? OK, components ordered: ScootRS 28mm intake manifold (looks like the orignal AF type), Tino Sacchi clubman pipe with TS1 flange, 28mm PWK Keihin copy carb, 17/46 LI150 gearing. Sound easy? It actually is. The long rod gives me space to raise or lower the barrel a bit to be flexible with the port timings. I opt for no base gasket and a 2mm head spacer. That leaves the kit with 125/175 port timing, very conservative.

Just a little bit of wrenching to clean things up.

Then remove the original engine.

Put it in the shelf and keep it there till the TS1 blows up! But hang on, the TS1 has the carb sat on the right hand side, and the TV… well has a battery tray.

Bummer! You have to go. I know I know. Original TV, why chop it up. Who gives a hoot. Gas will be out in 19 years time and no one will care. So if it goes!

Good bye! I will still stack it in a shelf next to the engine for the next owner who might want to give it a full nut and bolt. Because that certainly won’t be me.

And that’s about it. Adjust cables, new longer throttle cable, done. Didn’t even bother to remove the original airbox. Started 2nd kick, jetting a bit lean out of the box, but rideable in city traffic. Looks like I’ll have to open her to seal that little oil leak it has.

Sooo how does it run? Not bad at all. It feels like it revs to about 6500-7000, has a nice little punch before that, and pulls 4th. No vibration cuz of the quality crank, good starter. A fun ride! Hope it stays that way.