LTH Intake Manifold

Currently my TV175 is running a TS1, 58mm crank, lowered 2mm, 2mm head gasket, 28mm PWK pattern carb. Everything is all good and jolly except for the carb hitting the side panel ever so slightly. The problem is that it has much restricted air flow and all over weirdness depending on whether I’m going two up or solo and the RPMs. Still fun but not ideal.

The smart guys from LTH fortunately took on this problem with unmolested panel work and TS1s and came up with an intake manifold that gives roughly 10mm more space to the panel plus a much improved MX style carb rubber.

Below see the difference. Originally mounted on the ScootRS 28mm TS1 intake manifold, this is now the 34mm LTH manifold albeit with a mounting rubber for the 28mm PWK carb. The cowl needed a bit more cutting to fit but other than that it was an easy job.

And what about performance? It does exactly what it says on the tin: roughly 10mm more space to the panel which completely derestricts airflow (in fact leaves enough space for the Tino Sacchi elbow rubber and full remote air filter, next on my project list) and the annoying 4-stroking at 1/3 throttle as well as the break down of airflow at high RPMs is gone! Yeah!