ScootRS disc brake

Winter is rolling around once again (if you can call it that on the West Coast, it’s currently hovering around 70 degrees). So what better to do than throw some money at one of the neglected projects?

Ever since I replaced the front pads on the GP it hasn’t been stopping as well anymore. And with a new alleycat race for vintage bikes rolling around a little more stopping power surely wouldn’t hurt. So here it goes, the scootRS front disc that slots into the drum links was on. 1/2 hour project, less time than it takes to write this up.

It comes ready to bolt in.

Unbolt the original hub, keep the drum links in, and bolt this sucker back on. Only little bit of modification: it looks like the distance between the brake lever on the back plate and the slot is a bit (like an inch) longer than on the drum.

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  1. yea, scooteRS not your typical Vietnam supplier, i got the outboard sick and boy it stops you quick. a few people still using the inboard for original looks, but that dont bother most of us in to 70s street race lambretta’s, get the ut board bolted in and really stop, the hydrolyics stop it much more like a modern bike, and look really cool, the remade hub is perfect, better than original hubs to be honest, unless you got a serveta hub

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