Summer Run, Lambretta&Vespa Club Paderborn, 2008

Jawoll, dies Jahr laden wir wieder zum Summer Run!
Infos und Anfahrt gibts hier:


4 Gedanken zu „Summer Run, Lambretta&Vespa Club Paderborn, 2008

  1. hello there all….hope that you are all well…it looks like you are having a GREAT summer…I pick up my new scoot tomorrow a new Vespa S 125…ORANGE so you won’t be able to miss me! There is a chance that Mark(our little lad) and I are coming over to Paderborn at the end of August…if so I would love to come to your summer run…I will know for sure next Tuesday…take care…best wishes to all! Tony

  2. Tony, you are more than welcome, I hope you know that.
    There are rumours that you would not be the only British guest around . . . . but who knows.
    ’till august


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